Sacred Stewardship

    Regaining our spiritual partnership with the food we eat

Whether the growing field is a balcony or a large farm this is a book for our future.

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This uniquely compiled book is presented in a format of instruction and anecdotal story that captures the experiences of Charles Hubbard Farmer/Dowser who has created a living classroom for self-sufficient food production on his farm in Shiminicas, Nova Scotia.  Energy Communicator, Malkiel McCamis co-authors the book with Charles providing a bridge of understanding and insight between the worlds of farming and sensing the energy around us. Together Charles, with over 30 years of biodynamic organic farming experience, and Malkiel, with over 15 years of energy work experience, weave a captivating and enlightening text to help you live life with greater meaning and depth. As this “living book” guides the reader through stories and hands-on exercises the reader can record within the book their own experiences and discoveries of initiating Sacred Stewardship in their own lives.


This book addresses the issue of the quality of food we eat, and what steps can be taken to regain a personal and spiritual connection to the food we consume, and the nature elements that help us to produce our food... 

...and contains “easy to do” techniques of creating sustainable food from city to country dwellers and resources for returning stewardship and partnership to our lives.

Since published in November, 2007 Sacred Stewardship has sold over 700 copies to people in Canada, Europe, and the United States interested in caring for the future health of their food, Mother Earth and their community.  Readers have responded over the years about how important the information in this text is and just how much information is contained within it.

With the news covering more and more the issues of food security and global hunger the information contained in Sacred Stewardship is gaining attention and attraction.  

Based on the principle of stewardship, the book is self published thus is available direct from the co-author/publisher Malkiel McCamis.  In this way it remains available to the public indefinitely.  To order please visit the order page.


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PO Box 355, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3Y5